Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Monk who sold his ferrari

The Monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma

Today i read this amazing book by Robin Sharma.Here are my unedited notes:

Great Affirmations:
'I am inspired, disciplined and energized'
'I am strong, able and calm.'
'I am healthy,dynamic and fully alive'.
'I am more than I appear to be, all the world's strength and
power rests inside me.'

1.Power of Concerntartion,Focus,Stare at a Rose daily(Heart of the Rose).
2.Replace nagative thoughts immediately with Positive Thoughts(Opposition thinking).
3.Secret of the lake - Creative Envisioning or Creative Visualization of what you want to be.

Goal Getting process:
1.Form a clear image of the outcome.
2.Positive pressue on the self.(public pledge)
3.Attach a timeline to your goals.
4.Commit the goals to paper(Create a dream book with goals and pictures associated).
Apply The Magic rule of 21.(stay with your for 21 days to form it as a new habit)
5.Enjoy the process.

Kaizen - Never ending improvement of Mind,Body and Soul.

The 7 Timeless virtues of enlightened living:
1.Master your mind.
2.Follow your purpose.
3.Practice Kaizen.
4.Live with discipline
5.Respect your time.
6.Selflessly serve others.
7.Embrace the present.

Ten Rituals for Radiant Living:
1.Ritual Of Solitude.
2.Ritual of Physicality.
3.Ritual of live nourishment.
4.Ritual of Abundant Knowledge.
5.Ritual of personal reflection.
6.Ritual of Early Awakening.
7.Ritual of Music.
8.Ritual of the spoken word.
9.Ritual of a Congruent Character.
10.Ritual of Simplicity.

Mantras / Creative Envisioning
The Vow of Silence

Ancient Rule of Twenty: 80% of results come from 20% of efforts.

Live in the now.

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