Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Third Mother

My Third Mother

My first mother is senbagavalli,my biological mother.
My second one is Kasturi,my friend's mother.She feed me and gave accomodation while studying my engineering.Myself and my friend Arul Prakash used to study through the late nights for the exams.She cared me so much.I am and i will be thankful to her always for her caring.

My third mother was Gnanambal,my mother-in-law,who passed away due to diabetes this year(2010) in july.
She was just 50 years old.
This is the third big loss after losing my father and father-in-law in 2008,both of them,due to heart attack.

My relationship as a son-in-law to her is only for a short 7 years.It started when i got married in 2003.
She treated me always like her elder son.She used to feed me special always.Even when she was not well,she used to go to the market,got fresh vegetables and appetizers.

She worked hard so much for our home,right from the land,construction,getting the approval,water,etc.
She wanted all of her kids to be in the same home whenever they come to salem and we went for a 4 bed room home even though it is beyond our initial plan.

She was an inspiration to all the women.She raised all her 4 kids,gave them top class education,when her husband failed in the travels business.

She was having a grander vision always in whatever she did,weather it was a family function(she did my wife's baby shower so grand) or our home.She helped her relatives whenever there were in trouble.She raised many of her relative's kids at her home.She paid for the poor kids' schooling till she passed away.

She encouraged us whenever we were down financially and she accomodated us when we had to move to her home from my father's home due to some misunderstanding.we were feeling so comfortable.

She was very fond of my son Vikas.She loved him so much,but couldn't see him at her last moment.She used to call him 'vikkada,thakkada' when she was in good mood.

She had complications due to diabetes.Due to her negligence on food control and not exercising,she started getting problems with her vision and kidney.

I am going to construct a speciality hosital for diabetes care in salem and spread the awareness about diabetes.I don't know how i am going to do it right now,but i know she is always there for us,to guide us and help us.

Amma,we miss you.

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