Saturday, January 17, 2009


Dear Dad,

This is Kannan,your second son writing to you.
Still i can remember the day when you told the two wheeler mechanic that my boy could come district first,when i came school first in S.S.L.C.
When you saw me smoking at the bus stand,you didn't tell me anything.Mother told me later on that you saw me smoking and you told mom that i have grown up.
Sorry Dad,i didn't do well in my engineering but you bear with me and i passed out within a semester.
Even now,i can recall the days you used to drop me and kamaraj(younger brother) in elementary school by bicycle(two miles).
You used to take us to theater in salem town for new Tamil movies,made us watch from Balcony(expensive tickets),went out for restaurants.
We enjoyed the parottas and kuruma you brought us monthly once in the evenings.
I came school first in S.S.L.C because of you and Mom as you guys woke me up with Horlicks(energy drink),early in the mornings(around 4.00AM).
When i was adamant to join engineering,you pooled up the money somehow and allowed me to join,supported me throughout.
You were happy when i wrote poetries,but little worried when your office collegues told you that it may affect my study.
Sometimes,we were very much worried when you stayed back at office working continuously for 4 days day and night.You never afraid for working.
We,in our generation,will think twice what you did.You travelled by bicycle to and from office,i don't know how many kilometers,may be 25 kms,one way,almost daily,for six months to couple of years.
We used to cry when you help us in oil bath in sundays.Even now,i can feel your hand in my head.
Yourself and Mom almost,always hide the financial troubles you guys faced,when we studied.
You maintained accounts for everything,even for small expenses.
You were very religious,used to pray everyday,wrote mantras in notebooks many times.
Everyone praised you when you struggled with government officials and brought our village a tar road,tube lights.You helped in repairing the big burrow they made while paving the rail road.
Every villager remembered you as you helped them in getting crop loans,wherever you worked as a Rural welfare officer.
You worked very hard in our land and dedicated your after retirement life.You were very fond of our land,used to wake up even around 3.30AM to switch on the motor for water.
Every Prodhosam(day good for Lord Siva),the beggars at the siva temple expected you for Idlies with tasty chutnies.
When it is tough to find a good dress, for a child less than Rs.1000($20 approx.),you wore always the Kadhar(cotton material,handweaved as a Gandian principle), Shirt and Dhoty,which used to cost less than Rs.200($4 approx.).You always used to wear rubber slippers most of the time.
I felt very upset when you didn't wear the $150 swiss watch i gifted you,finally kamaraj wore it.
You were having a charming personality,clean shaved,had good hair,till your end.
People listen to you for your advises and stories from puranas.You were talking always to people,you wanted to go out always.
You neither took any medicine nor admitted to any hospital till you were gone because of heart problem.
Daddy,you lived a great life and gifted us healthy bodies and good character.
You gave us Gandhi as family name.
You will be remembered always for your help to the poor.
Dad,you were a great person and we miss you a lot!
May your soul rest in peace!

With Tears,
Your Everloving Son,
Note: My father Viswagandhi died of heart failure on christmas day(dec25,2008).
Below,my Dad and mom with Vikas(my son as a baby) and Sreeram(my elder brother's son):

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கதிர் said...

tears in my eyes when i read this article. i remembered the movie varanam ayiram. hats off you and your godfather

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