Saturday, September 6, 2008

Niagara Trip

Travel makes you refreshed,gain more energy,makes your life invigorated.
It gives you the much needed break from the routine,stressed out life.
It expands your view about the world.your mind becomes so relaxed,you will become more creative and get back to whatever you are doing more excited.
Last week,we went to Niagara,Pittsburg,Baltimore for the long weekend.

We went to Balaji Temple in Pittsburg.This is my third trip to the temple.Lot of crowd on saturday.Very nice Darsan,God looked so beautiful.Delicious food(pongal,idly,sambar rice).
Myself standing before the Temple gopuram:

From there,we went to Niagara around 4pm in the afternoon.This is my 4th trip to Niagara.You will get excited on every trip.Again huge crowd for the long weekend.Lot of couples everywhere.I really missed my family.Once they are in around october last week,i have to make another trip.We went to Maid of the mist by boat.It was an exciting experience.We became almost drenched.The Boat went very close to the falls.The full view of the falls is breathtaking.It is a really a Nature's Gift we shouldn't miss.
Here are some snaps:

We had a nice Samosa chat as a snack.Around,8pm,we started to Baltimore.Sunday morning,we went to Maryland Siva Vishnu Temple.We had a nice darsan and very nice tiffin.(Poori,chenna,tea).
From there,we went to Baltimore Harbor.Baltimore has a nice downtown.Harbor has lot of ship tours.Lot of sea food restaurants.We has a delicious Milk Shake,had a walk around the harbor.Very nice views,lot of boats around.
Here are some of the snaps in front of the ships:

It was a great Trip and we enjoyed it.I want to travel the world.Hope i will do it very soon with my family.
Travel more and be free!

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