Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Money-Greatest Secret

I read a wonderful book on Money on today,'The Greatest Money making secret' by Best Selling Author,Joe Vitale.
So what is the greatest secret to make money?
Give away Money!
Yes,Give money to get money!
It is the Law of Reciprocity(Giving and Receiving).
It has an introduction 'Power of Giving' by John Harricharan.
It has articles on Giving by guest authors like Mandy Evans,John Milton Fogg,Dr. Robert Anthony,Bob Burg,John Zappa,Susie and Otto Collins,Christopher Guerriero,Richard Webster,Larry Dotson,Mike Litman,Allen D’Angelo,Jo Han Mok.
Give away money freely not expecting anything.
I set up an online a/c with one of my favorite charities in india at:
run by Vidyagar.I started donating for this from 2005 on special occasions like birthdays,wedding days.I checked on today,it has grown into a sizable amount.It gave me feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.
This is just one of the way of giving.

Follow your heart,give away freely.
If you want money,give away money!
If you want Love,give away Love!
If you want Books,give away Books!

Happy Giving!

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Greatest Money Making Secret

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