Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to get whatever you want

I'm not talking about a little bit more - but an abundance of everything that you can think of.

Imagine having an abundant supply of m?, an abundant supply of customers, an abundant supply of friends, an abundant supply of confidence?

You can have everything you want.

How To Manifest Abundance

If you want abundance you have to first be clear on what you want -that is - know exactly what you want. Then you have to think abundance all the time.

If you want an abundant supply of money - great - now think of having an abundance of wealth. If you want better health - focus on having an abundance of energy and health.

Think about having an abundance of what you want.

I don't mean a little more or a lot more - I mean abundance - a never-ending supply.

Can you see yourself having a never-ending supply of wealth? Energy? Happiness? Romance? Friends? Confidence? Anything?

If you can't then you won't be able to manifest abundance.

Before you can experience having abundance you first have to believe that you can have a never-ending supply of anything that you want.

Think about it - there really is a never-ending supply of all that we need.

There's enough naturally grown food to feed the world ten times over - even though millions starve each year. There is still enough for everyone and more.

If you know what you want - and know that you can have an abundance of what you want then you can begin working with the process of creating abundance.

How do you do this? First you must learn that everything is made of energy, like a magnetic device, we draw to us that which we focus on. So lets start

with an idea, because everything begins with an idea. Be very clear about your

idea, is this really what you desire? Get very clear about what it is that you want.

I like to use the T tool ?merely a T drawn on a piece of paper. On one side let's

write down all the things that we want. On the other side let's write down

everything that we don't want. Do not limit your thinking this is time to free your mind.

Now let's look at our list and prioritize the things that we want from 1-25.

The things that you don't want will be tossed into the trash for take out.

Now split the paper in half and lets get to work.

Get some sort of poster board paper and find pictures and photos of the things

that represent what you want and post them on the board in plain view so that

you can see them everyday. This is called your vision board. Make no mistake

this is powerful.

This is where the real work begins. Every morning and every evening before

retiring look at your vision board, make sure you can feel, taste, smell, see

and touch your desires by adding emotion you are creating your desires.

Remember your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between

reality and fantasy. For 30 minutes a day you will begin to see a change in

30 days or less.
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