Sunday, November 11, 2012

Receipt Capital of the World

This is what the exact words told by our Taxi driver in the weekend.
Yesterday, we went to south shore plaza from extended stay america,Braintree,MA by Taxi.
We were standing at the bus stop in cold weather.
A yellow Taxi was slowing down at the signal and i waved my hand.
He raised his mirror and asked if we need a ride and we said yes.
He took a U Turn and Picked us from the bus stop.

I asked him how much it would cost me to go to south shore plaza and he told me that it would be just 5 bucks.

He asked us if we have any plans to visit Boston downtown on saturday night.
I told him that we are planning to see the James Bond Movie 'Skyfall'.
He told that he asked one of the docs and he told the movie is good it seems.
He told that docs are smart.

He stopped at the main entrance of south shore plaza.
I asked him for a receipt.
Suddenly he became sarcastic in his tone.
'You guys want a receipt for just 5 bucks,you guys are from India, the receipt capital of India'!
He gave his card so that w ecan fill the amount and didn't give the regular receipt.
I didn't say a word in return of this sudden surge of sarcasm and said thanks.

I am little sensitive and after going to the mall also,i was little upset.
My collegue told me that we should ignore these people.
I thought 5 bucks is very important even for him.
And for getting reimbusrement, my collegue has to submit all bills.
I felt very bad for the Taxi driver's words.
Please take care of the words you use, you can very well hurt others.
Words are like double side swords.
As per ThiruValluvar, the author of Thirukkural,When you have sweet words ,why to use bitter words. It is like eating unriped fruits when you have riped ones.

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