Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miilionaire Mind Intensive

I had an incredible opportunity to attend 3 days MMI(Millionaire Mind Intensive) seminar at Rutherford,NJ this weekend.It is a special edition and i got it free,thanks to T Harv Eker.

It was an amazing experience for myself.This is the 1st personal development seminar i am attending even though i am personal development junkie.I am subscribed to all the top leaders' news letters and i attend most of the teleseminars.

MMI has some life changing exercises and incredible content for financial success.These exercises will change your financia lthermostat forever.The old financial files were deleted and new files were installed on the spot.

I had a chance to go through a cleansing and reframing exercise on the second day of the seminar which was very emotional for me.I completed some of the unfinished communications with my father who passed 2 years before in this exercise and forgave him and he forgave me.It was a lot of relief for myself.

There was a breakthrough exercise on the 3rd day which was incredible.Many of us breakthrough our comfort zone and raised our bar with this exercise.

We got many cool gifts,including the courses as giveaway in raffle,2 great books(speed wealth by T Harv and  90 day wealth program).

I met so many energetic and awesome people.I felt the high level of energy all the 3 days.

It was fun,life changing,energetic seminar!

Check out here to grab a seat for the special edition of MMI nearby you:

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