Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life success secrets

I listened to Brian Tracy today at the Awareshow telesemianr series by Lisa.
Everytime i listen to Brian,i feel wonderful.He is full of practical ideas.
He is one of the living legends of personal development industry.

Here is the summary of his call:

weight loss secrets:

calories in,calories out
eat less,work out more
200 mins to 300 mins per week of work out

what you are putting attention to?

Taking action helps you:
1.increases self confidence
2.get feedback immediately
3.will get ideas

Here are Brian's golden secrets:

everything is learnable

all successful people are in motion

do couple of things where you are best at and delegate everything

income,family,health,energy,financial independance - power of clarity

pay off the small debts 1st

what is your number to retire?

what can you do to add value?

you become what you are thinking most of the time

I can do it - keep repeating

failure is never final,you learn another way

It is impossible to succeed without failing

visit: Brian Tracy

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