Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thoughts about Thinking


A Great book about Thinking.Here is the essence of the book:
There are two parts:
In part1,we come to know why we should embrace the value of good thinking:
Good Thinking creates the foundation for good results,it increases your potential,
produces more good thinking.
We come to realize the impact of changed thinking:
It is a good investment,best gift you can give it to others.
Changed thinking changes your beliefs which changes your expectations,
which changes your attitude,which changes your behaviour,which changes your performance,
which changes your life.
John teaches you how to become a good thinker:
1.Expose yourself to good input.
2.Expose yourself to good thinkers.
3.Choose to think good thoughts.
4.Act on your good thoughts.
5.Allow your emotion to create another good thought.
6.Repeat the process.
Part2: 11 Skills
1.Acquire the wisdom of BIG PICTURE THINKING:
Big picture thinking allows you to lead,it keeps you on target,
it allows you to see what others see,it promotes teamwork,
it keeps you from being caught up in the mundane,it helps you to chart
uncharted territory.
2.Unleash the potential of FOCUSED THINKING:
Focused thinking harnesses energy towards a desired goal,it gives ideas
time to develop,it brings clarity to the target,it will take you to the next level.
3.Discover the joy of CREATIVE THINKING:
Creative thinking adds value to everything,it compounds,
it draws people to you and your ideas,it helps you to learn more,
it challenges the status quo.
4.Recognize the importance of REALISTIC THINKING:
Realistic Thinking minimizes downside risks,it gives you a target and game plan,
it is a catalyst for change,it provides security,it gives you credibility,it provides a foundation to build on,
it is a friend to those in trouble,it brings the dream to fruition.
5.Release the poer of STRATEGIC THINKING:
Strategic thinking simplifies thedifficult,it prompts you to ask the right questions,
it prompts customization,it prepares you today for an uncertain tomorrow,
it reduces the margin of error,it gives you influence with others.
6.Feel the energy of POSSIBILITY THINKING:
Possibilty thinking increases your possibilities,it draws opportunities and people to you,
it increases others' possibilities,it allows you to dream big dreams,it makes it possible to rise above average,
it gives you energy,it keeps you from giving up.
7.Embrace the lessons of REFLECTIVE THINKING:
Reflective thinking gives you true perspective,it gives emotional integrity to your thought life,
it increases your confidence in decision making,it clarifies the big picture,it takes a good
experience and makes it a valuable experience.
8.Question the acceptance of POPULAR THINKING:
Popular thinking means not thinking,it offers false hope,
it is slow to embrace change,it brings only average results.
9.Encourage the participation of SHARED THINKING:
Shared thinking is faster than solo thinking,it is more innovative than solo thinking,
it brings more maturity than solo thinking,it is stronger than solo thinking,it returns greater value than solo thinking,
it is the only way to have great thinking.
10.Experience the satisfaction of UNSELFISH THINKING:
Unselfish thinking brings personal fulfillment,it adds value to others,it encourages other virtues,
it increases quality of life,it makes you part of something greater than yourself,
it creates a legacy.
11.Enjoy the return of BOTTOM-LINE THINKING:
Bottom-line thinking provides great clarity,it helps you assess every situation,
it helps you make the best decisions,it generates high morale,
it ensures your future.
It is highly recommended read and follow.
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