Friday, March 28, 2008


A Great Book!

I read a book recently by Joe Calloway,
The title is a little bit misleading but it is not.
Joe is saying to do your best in whatever you do.
Be a Tiger in your work.
Go for full throttle,he says.
Put all yourself in whatever you do.
If you are a sweeper,be the world's best sweeper.
It is a 142 pages book with 27 chapters in it.
showing off is,he says,about getting what you want while having one hell of a good time doing it,
about squeezing maximum fun out of any situation.
showing off means finding the best way to win.
Show-offs do it,they won't just talk.
Show-offs let go of things they don't want,they create space to have good things.
Show-offs are consistent,they can be counted on.
Show-offs are willing to take action,ready to fail.
They want to be better tomorrow than they were today.That is where all the joy,jazz and kick are.
Show-offs know that it is not the snow and it is never the snow.
They will do what they will say,they will do.
They will be too much,have imagination.
They know that mistakes won't kill them only complacency will.
They will go all in with what they will do.
They always want to be themselves.
They know that a happy life means a complete life.
They will bite the bullet.
They won't care about what others are thinking of them.
They take whatever happens is normal.
They tell the world what they want,they won't keep it a secret.
They like the unknown.
Show-offs are curious,always want to know more.
They know that it is always their choice.
They know that the new ideas are everywhere.
They have their own mission statement,they are very clear on what matters most.
It is a great book to read and follow.
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