Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Today i have seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring will smith.It is an impressive movie and the story is a great one.It is emotionally powerful movie.Will Smith did a terrific job.
The story is about an ordinary man's journey againstinsurmountable odds to reach his goals.It is a real life story.
The real life man is Chris Gardner.He had a bad childhood and seen his mom only at the age of 25as she went to jail twice.He was abused by his step father.
Gardner was a salesman selling bone densith scanner in 1970's.He didn't do a good job in that.He stuggled to meet the basic needs.His wife left him because of his financial problems and they didn't have common interests.
He was stuggling with his small kid(in the movie,the kid is a bigger kid whereas in real life,gardner's kid was less than a year old).He touched a very low point in life where he was homeless.
One night,both gardner and his kid slept in metro train station bathroom(Toilet).Then he found a methodical church for homeless to stay.
In the meantime,he joined in a stock brokerage firm as aintern,he passed through all the pain with his kid in hand as a single dad.He got selected as a stock broker.
Now,he is a millionaire,owns his company.It is a remarkable story,conveys a piece of american history.
The following lines are spoken by gardner in the movie to his son which made me cry:"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.Even me"."If you get a dream,protect it.""If you want something,go for it".
Note: In the movie,jaden smith,son of will smith acted as the small kid of gardner.He is remarkable.Will Smith got an oscar nomination for this movie.

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