Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great Secret Revealed

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This weekend,i watched a movie called "SECRET".It speaks about "LAW OF ATTRACTION".In a Nutshell,whatever you want wholeheartedly,you will attract it and get it.It is an old concept but presented beautifully and powerfully by a panel of self help gurus.It inspired lot of people worldwide and the secret DVD sold 1 million copies so far.The panel that put together this,appeared in Oprah Winfrey show,Larry King Live,Ellen Show.
I remember some of the incidents regarding this:
1.If you go to any shopkeeper in southern india,normally a grocery store,if you ask for Toor Dall per example and if he doen't have the stock,he won't say no,instead he will say that i have moong dall.
2.My wife do lot of poojas and she will wake up all night to do the garland.when you ask her,she will say,we shouldn't do it for formality,we should do it wholeheartedly.
3.I have seen a sign board in one of my document writer's house as "only good will happen".
4.My younger brother's mother-in-law always says,if you don't have anything at home,don't say that i don't have this or that in front of guests or your family members,instead,try to buy it immediately or manage with other stuff.
I think,by now,you get my point.I have an example in my life itself:
Back in 2000,i was working as a sales rep for a multinational company selling copyprinter.My whole aim at that time was to go to usa.So i worked in day and studied oracle,VB at night.Whenever i went for a cold call near the chennai Meanambakkam airport,i used to say myself every single time,one day i will board a plan from here to USA.I used to read all the news about USA and all the formalities to go to USA.In November 2000,it really happened,i got an oppurtunity through one of consulting firms.One day i was really in a lufthansa plane to houston from chennai airport.I pinched myself,i couldn't believe myself.
So believe strongly in whatever you desire,visualise it,want it wholeheartedly,you will attract it and it will be given to you.
For the secret movie,just type secret movie in google.
I will try to write in this blog every week.All the best for your dream to come through.


Kamaraj said...

Yes, Kannan. You are very correct and science also says that it is true. Lets pray & wish for whatever we wanted whole heartedly and we can see to it getting done! Nice article & keep going!

rekha said...

" Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've Imagined. As you simplify your life, the law of the universe will be simpler"

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