Saturday, January 2, 2021

Happy New Year

I wish you and your family a very happy new year 2021!


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Journey of an Ice Drop


Why did this Book come to me when we were hurt by the same people whom we loved the most?
Why did this come to me when we were struggling to pool up $20 to pay one of my Wife's
Is it the Destiny and Timing when everything comes to you when you are in need?

This small Book is trying to explore and answer two of the most important questions in
1.What is the Purpose of our Life?
2.What is the Meaning of Life?
3.What is every one's Destiny?

These powerful questions are answered through the Journey of main character Adrian Ice

Whether Travelling is the Purpose of Life?
Whether Having Fun is the Purpose of Life?
Whether To serve and save many Happy Lives?
Whether To Heal Others?

All these questions you will come to know through various characters Adrian is meeting

through his Travel in the book.You will feel that you are travelling along with Adrian to

various places.The writing style is simple and flowing.

Every one's purpose if different and we have to enjoy the journey called Life.

For Dr.Mani, it is doing many heart operations for young kids and save many lives.
For myself, starting a educational foundation and Hospital to help others.

Your purpose need not be so big, even if you are focusing on giving a good education to

your children, that is a great purpose.

I recommend this small book to every one. It is a great Read. It instils many questions

in your Mind to explore your own self.
All the best to find your Purpose and Have a nice Journey on the way!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Recently, we met one of our old college friend after 23 years in Bangalore.
He is now a citizen of USA.
There is no news of him recently.
He was not in touch with any of our friends for almost 15 years.
The meet was very good. We had drinks and food in the Roof Top Restaurant in a 3 star Hotel in Bangalore.
we were talking till early morning 3.30AM.

While having dinner, he was telling his challenges in USA.
He is living with his wife and two daughters.
The young daughter had some medical challenges while she was born.
All of his savings was gone to treat her. Doctors were not sure on the diagnosis.
They had very tough time for years together.

He was in deep debt at one point of time.
He consulted all of his friends an done of them advised to go for filing Bankruptcy.
He felt that it was a good idea and consulted an attorney.
But his wife refused to declare bankrupt at any point of time.
She was very strong and told him that it was your problem and I couldn't file the same.
He thought very bad at her words but realised how it was a bliss later.
Even the attorney told him that to get separate from her.
But the couple stood together.

So he filed Bankrupt and called for a court hearing.
Judge was asking many unprepared questions an dour friend was baffling.
But at the end , he was awarded to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
so he filed the same.

Then started the chaos. He couldn't even open a bank checking account.
He couldn't get any credit card.
There was a board at his door saying that it is for eviction.
On seeing this on a daily basis, our friend's heart was bleeding.
He was forced to evict his house.

Luckily, his employer didn't fire him even after he informed on his bankruptcy.
but the bliss was that his wife could open a checking account and he could apply for a credit card.
This helped them a lot at the difficult period.
Then, she decided to go for a job. He was reluctant initially but he agreed.
Slowly, things were getting better and they repaid most of the debts.

Now, he is living in a new house.
His daughter is in a better medical condition.
Even though, he is under medication, he is happy.
They met all of their friends and family after so many years in India.
We felt so proud of our friend.

It is an inspiring story for all of us.

Life is a roller coaster.
There will be ups and downs.
We have to be strong and stick together.
we have to have a game plan and execute.
We should not keep trying.
Things will change slowly, we have to keep patience and trust in the higher source.


Monday, May 2, 2016

New Garments Store for Women

It is been a long while I am writing here.
I have moved permanently to India and settled down here in Tharamangalam, Salem, Tamilnadu.

This small town is having a Temple called Kailasa Nathar Temple.
Its history is dating back to thousands of year.
It is having many architectural wonders like Rathi and Manmathan statue, ball rolling inside lion's mouth, stone chains hanging from rooftop, lotus structure all made out of stone.
I will write a separate blog on this temple alone later.

My wife has recently opened an exclusive women's show room in the town.
If you are visiting the town, stop by at the store.
If you want to order some items, send me a message in whatsapp, transfer the amount and we will send out the package.
Here are some of the pictures of the store and silk cotton sarees:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

The 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 15th, amongst leading countries with hunger situation.Most of the population is still living below the National Poverty Line.
Deccan Herald:
India wastes Rs 44,000 cr worth food every year due to lack of adequate storage infrastructure.

We went for a Team Lunch to congratulate a newly married collegue in Bangalore.
Our Client manager from USA also joined us.
It was really fun and we enjoyed a lot.

We ordered Thali for all of us.
Food was really good even though it was served a little late.
I liked the the masala buttermilk for drinks.I enjoyed it.

Everyone was enjoying the Team outing throughly.
The girls were mockering the couple for sometime.
One of our collegue paid the bill and later we shared the bill.

When we are about to leave,I was literally shocked to see many plates are still full.

Now,please read the statistics mentioned at the beginning.

Please don't waste food.

The plaque in our cafeteria says:

"Take whatever you can eat;You can afford to waste but many of us are not".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chennapatna Toys and Mysore Pak

If anyone is following my blog,I have permanently moved to India in february of this year.
I am working with Wipro in bangalore.

Life is wonderful and I am enjoying my time with family.

Last week,as part of PM Training,I went to Mysore for a week long program.It is an excellent training program for Project managers.It has 3 international certifications.

I met a group of wonderful,very talented people.I had the privilege to spend a week's time with them.
It is lot of learning from the program and from the individuals.

We had lot of fun and it was like revisiting my college days.

1st couple of days,it was 7 habits of highly effective people by late mr.stephen covey.
The faculty made this very light by his humour.
Excellent program for leaders.

We went out for shopping on the 1st day of training itself,setting new standards!
We bought nice silk sarees,very famous in mysore.
We bought statues made out of various woods like sandal,redwood,etc.

On tuesday,we went out in rain but luckily it was gone when we reached KRSD(Krishna Raja sagar Dam).
It is a huge dam and the musical dancing fountain is a nice one to watch in the evening.
Brindhavan garden is in the same place and one of our batch could make it to both(They choose garden 1st and joined for the musical fountain later as garden is closed at 7.30pm).

After the visit,we had dinner at United 21.Food was nice.And the drinks too.

Wednesday was very hectic with high impact presentation.We were amazed by the energy level of the faculty.Very opt choice for this program.
On thursday,we were forced to come out of our comfort zone.
We acted,sang songs,danced,etc.It was real fun.(My wife commented to my kids like someone made your Dad also to Dance!)

Some of us went out for couple of drinks to destress.
We had a very good time.

Friday was again a stretch on high impact decision making.
Again,this is very useful in personal and professional life.
The faculty was an intellectual.I noted down lot of books during his presentation.

We had a special dinner in the night.
The boys at kitchen were very pleasing and the food was excellent.

Then,it was the last day of the program.
It was about change management.We have seen a video of the famous book 'Who moved my cheese'.
Many of us could relate to the characters in the movie.
Then came the congratulations and certificate distribution ceremony.
We felt very proud of ourselves.
We packed our bags after lunch and we exchanged good wishes and good byes.
On our way back to Bangalore,we picked up lot of wooden toys at chennapatana.(In fact,I felt very happy to pick up those in this world of smartphones,tablets and smart TV's).

It was a break from the routine for all of us.
Anyone who wants to become a leader,this program is a must.
Primarily,it was lot of fun,thanks to wipro.

Note: Maddur vada was very tasty,thanks to Abhinay.
Mysore pak is of excellent taste,thanks to Dinakaran.Half a kilo was gone in few minutes within my team.
I have missed 'Thatta Idly' though,may be next time.
I will visit mysore again with my family later this year.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everyday is Christmas

During the Christmas eve, i went out.
I have seen people are so happy everywhere.
They are in a state of bliss.
All are in good mood,smiling,waving,laughing,dancing.

But once the holidays are over,everyone is back to their routine.
All are tighten up.
No smile,no laugh,all are uptight.

How nice will it be if everyday is like Christmas?

How will it be if everyone is behaving like when they enjoy their holidays?

Then this world will become a paradise to live on.

How can we make it everyday as Christmas?

Thoughts for today!

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